Community Updates


**New lights on 79th Street**

The HOA Board approved the purchase of the new lights on 79th street to light the entrance. This was approved in April of 2018.  These lights will now be maintained by IPL and we simply have a nominal light bill to cover the electricity used. This bill will be coveed by HOA dues collected. We hope you find the lights a nice addition and they help keep us all safe. 

**HOA Dues due Now!**

HOA dues are now being collected. You can pay either via this PayPal link or print the paper dues form on the HOA Dues page. When you go to pay you will need basic info and to create a paypal account if you don't have one. Any issues please send us a note..

**New Shrubs put in on 79th Street Entrance**

Did you notice a guy in a blue hoodie planting shrubs a few weeks ago?  That was actually our HOA Secretary, Tom Rohn!  Funded by your dues, these shrubs will bring some additional class to our entryway after their winter nap.

**Crooked Creek West Survives another Winter thanks to Dues**

Did the snow in front of your house get plowed this Winter?  You paid for that with your dues!  One of the primary responsibilities for an HOA in Indianapolis is the care and maintenance of its roads.  Let the board know if you have any questions.